Marija Igić

I am one Marija!

It means a woman, a mother, a psychologist, a wife, a housewife, an adorer of animals and art, a repairman, a first aid to the households, a dishwasher! Hence, A LADY, I am sure you understand :D.







My name is Marija. I’m 25, and someone says it’s not a lot. I have a degree in psychology and now I am on my master studies of psychology of human recourses.
I’m a mommy of one baby girl, of one dog named Pufna, and one cat named Mila.. And to one husband (sometimes :D). I like to say I have a pack of children. In my free time, I like to read everything that comes to my hand and watch clips of conspiracy theories. History has been my love since my early youth. I like to draw and paint, walk and play with my daughter. In parallel with that, I am interested in astrology, so I hope I’ll finish some course in the near future. My greatest love is psychotherapy ( I’ve not started education on that, but plan to do it very soon). In the conclusion, I have many goals and wishes bud Santa Claus is just one and he’s not all mine :D.

Since I’m still finishing my master studies and I’m planning an additional education, I didn’t design this blog as a professional but more as a personal diary in which I’ll be presenting my own opinions and statements about some phenomena. I hope that the texts will be interesting and informative with psychology explanation and statements and a little bit of humor. I would definitely like to receive your comments, suggestions and opinions and I truly look forward to it!

Good luck to me, and you with me!